How to be successful in Vancouver

Let’s assume for a second that income is the way that society deems how valuable you are.
Given that assumption, the only way you can be valued in Vancouver is to be involved in one of these:
– Real estate
– Gold mining in good years
– Law for the above
– Banking for the above
If you are not in the above industries and you live in Vancouver, your income is probably well undervalued given the cost of living, ie your value to society is middling to average. You haven’t proven to society that you possess skills that have societal values. 
The only way to change this is:
– Do work that is world class.
– Stand up for the human capital you bring to the table.
– Push hard to make things more than about real estate (eg time and materials is basically a real estate play).
– Create things together.
This is going to be a long fight. If we are lucky, 50 years from now, the world will take notice that Vancouver isn’t just a pretty place to park your money.